fireworksAre you and your partner planning a beach wedding?

If so, you will need appropriate decorations but may be stumped as to what decorations to choose. After all, what could possibly enhance the natural beauty and perfection of the beach itself?


If you are planning on having your beach wedding at sunset or later in the evening, luminaries might be perfect beach wedding decorations for you. Not only are luminaries very beautiful, but they are also relatively cheap and simple to assemble.

The only things you need are white paper bags, tea light candles, and sand (which you can scoop up from the beach as you set them up). You can use these elegant decorations to delineate the center aisle down which the wedding party will walk.


In addition to or in place of luminaries, you can decorate the place of your ceremony with starfish. These can be used as an alternative to luminaries in lining the aisle or can be attached to the chairs to unify them with the theme.

Alternatively, you could utilize the starfish in a cute and different boutonnière for the men in your party, and these decor could be a part of the bouquet as well.

Seashell Girl

If you’re feeling experimental, it might be a neat idea to have a seashell girl instead of a flower girl. There are plenty of benefits to this. For one, it is very unique (how many other seashell girls have you heard of?).

It is also good for the environment, as you are not having a bunch of flowers plucked prematurely from the ground, and you are not spreading their petals where they otherwise wouldn’t be found.

Lastly (but perhaps more importantly), this is completely free, whereas you would have to pay for the flower petals for a flower girl to scatter if using them as beach wedding decorations.

Simple Canopy

Like other outdoor weddings, a beach event could benefit from the addition of a simple canopy. While this would not provide much protection against wind or rain, it can provide a little shade. This can act as a huge relief to the bride and groom who may already be predisposed to sweating as a result of the anxiety caused by the importance of the event.

When decorated with seashells and starfish, canopies can look absolutely gorgeous and they effective at marking off space for the wedding party.

The Beach

In the introduction, we mentioned that it’s hard to find something worthy of decorating such a naturally beautiful place. If you want to enhance this natural wonder, sometimes the only way to do so is to just leave it alone and in its natural state.

Who says you need to go all out in decorating your wedding venue when nature has spent millions of years doing the work for you?