background flowers at seasideIt has now become a custom for the newly married couple to say “thank you” to their guests with a small gift. These gifts are known as wedding favors.

Is there any reason to differentiate between a beach wedding favor and one from a traditional wedding held in a church?

Possibly. Let’s look at what you need to take into account:

Wedding Favor Considerations.

Cost. Decide upon your budget and stick to it. There is likely to only be a certain number of dollars ‘in the pot’. If you spend too much here, another part of your wedding day may have to lose out. This will apply regardless of your wedding theme and / or location.

Being a beach wedding, you may find that the number of guests attending it will be low. Yes, we know they all want to attend! But the cost and practicality of being there may well prevent this.

The majority of beach weddings will be attended by family and close friends only and this is good news for you. It means that you (hopefully) only have to spend less on favors but it could also mean that you can now spend more per person.

Remember – wedding favors do not have to be expensive. A less costly gift with some thought behind it will be appreciated more by your guests. And if it isn’t…… well we would have to ask why you even want this person at your wedding?

Choices May Be Influenced By Your Wedding Theme

While not essential, it makes sense to keep the choice of your wedding favor in line the beach theme. Maybe a deckchair photo frame? A sail boat candle set? You should also think about practicality. For instance, we all know chocolate is often used as a wedding favor. But in a beach setting, it will all have melted before the ceremony even begins!

What does your gift represents?

What message do you want give out with your beach wedding favor? Any gift serves the purpose of saying “thank you” but what does it say about the ceremony as a whole? The deck chair photo frame for instance is definitely a ‘fun gift’.

Could you personalize each favor in some way?

You may want to consider writing the guest’s name or initials to personalize each gift. And what about any children attending? Will your four year old nephew be impressed with his champagne glass?

Children and especially their parents may appreciate something a little different. Here are some ideas that ties in with the beach or the sea. You can consider using shells, starfish, boats, beach balls, sun hats or deck chairs as an appropriate gift.