If you look at different Bridal Magazines, you’ll see images of elegant models clothed in expensive, designer wedding gowns, adorned with jewels and accessories; and whose hairstyles you probably want done for your tresses on the big day. But these are size 1, or even size zero women, who look good in about every style and design. You have to choose a hairstyle that suits your personality and your bridal dress, as well as fit into your budget.

The most uncomplicated hairstyles are simple to accomplish, even without the help of a stylist. These are common hairdos that many women opt when they want to exude the aura of simple elegance. The Angel and Madonna hairstyles are amongst the most popular, while the Simple Waves and Contemporary Bob place 3rd and 4th.

angel hairdo

An Angel Hairdo requires that you have long hair, either straight or slightly on the wavy side. If you have seen pictures of bright and beautiful angels playing their trumpets in heaven, you will have an idea on how you will look like.

Even if you don’t have blond hair, you can still accomplish this effortlessly by parting your hair at the side and creating a half bun at the back of your head. Take care not to put the bun close to the neck, as this will ruin the look. You can forgo with the veil and other hair accessories that will probably fall off.

simple hairdoTo make the most out of the Madonna hairstyle, your long hair has to be curled and set even if it’s already a bit curly. Wear a tiara or veil with this style, to create the effect of a virgin bride. This hairdo will complement a Mermaid Wedding Dress, especially if you have really long hair. Part your hair at the side, set the curls, spray on some mousse while your hair is still damp and blow dry.

A young bride is carefree and lively but has to exude glamour on her big day. If you have bangs and long hair, the Simple Waves style may just be the right hairstyle for you. Because the look is very simple, this is best worn for semi-formal to casual weddings. This hairdo can be worn with matching simple jewelries. A tiara of fresh flowers will give this simple look that much needed twist.

Most of the hairstyles mentioned require long hair, so it could be a problem if you have shorter hair. If you don’t want to wear a wig or hair extensions, you can opt for a Contemporary or Modern Bob. Although this is somewhat reminiscent of the 60s, you will look fantastic with this bob if you will be wearing a vintage dress.

An off shoulder gown with a sweetheart neckline, plus a diamond choker and matching chandelier earrings will make any bride look like a queen with the Modern Bob.

Your hairstyle should enhance your features and not tone them down, so choose wisely as you cannot press rewind on your big day.