beach wedding dressesWhen you walk down that aisle and face your prince charming, you’d want to be the most beautiful woman your groom and everybody else will see at least for that day.

People may call it sinful vanity but you’re justified in wanting to be the best-looking woman on your day of days. One way to ensure that you come out looking your best on your wedding day is by selecting a gown that flatters you where it counts.

To this end, you have to choose a wedding gown that accurately fits your body type. Here is a simple guide to help you decide.

The Style for You

Short Brides

Short brides should steer clear of gowns so frilly and so full that they overwhelm the wearer. They should stick to the A-line style with a natural waistline and a gently flaring long skirt or the empire cut style with its high waistline that gives the illusion of height.

Tall Brides

Tall brides have a more varied choice of wedding gown styles. They can get away with the A-line style as well as the floor-length, very full skirts of the ball gown or the bouffant skirt style. Tall, curvaceous brides should choose gowns that emphasize the waist and the bodice so the ball gown or the bouffant skirt gown with waist and bodice accents will do very well. Tall, slim brides would look fabulous in sheath gowns that follow every subtle curve.

Bottom-Heavy Brides

Brides who are a little bit heavy at the thighs and hips would look amazing in A-line or empire cut gowns because the skirts on these types of gowns merely skim over the lower half of the body while giving great emphasis to the upper half. Tall, bottom-heavy brides will do better with ball gown and bouffant skirt styles which will still emphasize their bodice without molding to their lower body.

Broad Shouldered Brides

Brides who have broad shoulders should choose a gown with spaghetti straps or scoop/plunging necklines to draw the eyes away from the shoulders. Add a dropped waist and some details that flatter the bodice to draw the eyes down the upper body so that the shoulders are even more deemphasized. Short, broad shouldered brides should beware of a dropped waist gown, however, because this tends to make the wearer look shorter.

Thick Waisted Brides

Brides who have thick waistlines should steer clear of natural waistlines and opt for the empire cut gown with its high waistline that draw the eyes up and away from the waist.